Hello. My name is Gregory Martin and I would like to welcome you to an online version of my resume. Below is a summary of what makes me the person that I am — a quick survey that covers my education and work history before drifting into my personal interests and values.

My contact information can be found both above and below. I have also uploaded a condensed and printable PDF version of my resume which can be viewed by clicking here.
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Skills & Abilities
Management & Leadership
• Heavily experienced in leadership roles, consistently taking the leader role in any group setting.
• Worked as a manager in one retail environment, and as an acting manager in two others.
• Comfortable being the front face of a group or store, such as in difficult customer situations.

Driving Sales & Reward Programs
• Able to consistently sell both product and reward programs as a cashier, meeting and exceeding expectations
• Improve staff results with coaching and training, either through one-on-one or group sessions

Customer Service
• Over ten years of customer service experience.
• Consistently receive customer compliments through survey results.

Cash Handling
• Four years of large cash handling experience, forming daily deposits for large retailers to be sent to the bank.
• Kept track of cash on hand levels, ordering change and coin from the bank as needed.

Computer Proficiency
• Well versed in the Microsoft Office suite, especially Word and Excel.
• A quick learner with other programs, such as COSA.

Spanish Knowledge
• Basic fluency in Spanish, including reading, writing, and speaking.
• Lived in Valladolid, Spain for five months during 2012.
Work Experience
Hy-Vee (Starbucks) (May 2017 - Current)
• Assistant Manager
As the Assistant Department Manager of the Starbucks, I am primarily responsible for ordering and inventory control for both supplies and
food. In addition, I am the primary trainer for our location, assist with scheduling, and execute promotions in accordance with corporate
direction. Above all, I assist and delight customers with drinks, food, and general merchandise.

Kohl's (May 2009 - Current)
• POS Supervisor
The POS Supervisor is in charge of the front of the store, ensuring that each guest leaves having had the best experience possible. Acting as
direct support for the registers, service desk, and jewelry bay, I give breaks, perform voids, get change orders, and resolve any customer issues.
• Cash Office Associate
As a Cash Office Associate, I balance the registers from the previous day, researching any discrepancies, and then prepare the daily bank
deposit. I also keep track of cash on hand, ordering change from the bank as needed.

Books A Million (May 2013 - August 2016)
• Co-Manager
As a retail manager, I was responsible for supervising a staff of around twenty people and ensuring that company standards were consistently
upheld. This included driving the reward card program, merchandising product, and giving the highest quality customer service possible.

TGI Fridays (February 2016 - April 2016)
• Server
I was a server, taking guests' orders and then delivering their food. As the front face of the restaurant, I was able to ensure that each of my
guests received the best visit they possibly could.

Festival Foods (March 2013 - May 2013)
• Bakery Clerk
A Bakery Clerk is responsible for the packaging of the daily baking and then merchandising the product on the floor. We also greeted guests
and took orders.

Barnes & Noble College Booksellers (August 2010 - March 2013)
• Bookseller / Manager in Training
As a bookseller, I assisted students with finding their textbooks, merchandised product and processed the normal returns. I was part of the
MIT program as well, where I helped supervise the temporary employees during peak periods.

UWEC Service Center (September 2011 - October 2011)
• Associate
The Service Center is the main hub of the University, funneling in all outside calls, as well as serving as a main center for students by providing
postal services, lost and found, event ticket purchases, and similar.

Three Rivers Park District (May 2006 - September 2009)
• Attendant
Attendants function as the front face of the park system. Depending on the season, I helped with concessions, boat or ski rentals, and guest
information. The core idea of the Attendant position is to give each park guest a fun and family safe experience.
University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire (Bachelor of Arts)
Graduated cum laude with a double major in English and Spanish and a minor in Language Studies.

North Hennepin Community College (Associate of Arts)
Graduated with an Associate of Arts, studying general liberal arts.
• I enjoy writing short stories. I am fascinated by form and enjoy experimenting with it with my stories.
• My short story "A Noteworthy Valentine's Day" was published in the school literary magazine.

Language Studies
• I have studied Spanish extensively and graduated with a degree in Spanish studies.
• The art of translation fascinates me and I aspire to learn more about the techniques that make great translations.
• I have also studied French, Latin, and Japanese in formal settings.

• Kohl's has a volunteer program that I am extremely passionate about, where we are able to volunteer with any 5013c non-profit. The
program gives the group both the volunteer help and a $500 grant afterwards.
• I am especially passionate about cancer and LGBT causes.

• I enjoy tinkering with websites. I am not overly versed in web-programming, but I have a strong enough grasp to create sites such as this one.
• I also enjoy using web applications, such as MediaWiki and WordPress. (I run websites running both of those applications.)

Parks & Nature
• My first job was in a park and my heart has never left them. I love spending my free time wandering trails and taking in nature's gifts.
• I find parks to be very inspirational for my writing, so I often take my notebook and will write for hours on a riverbed.